Venice Exclusive


VIP TRANSFER FROM THE SANTA LUCIA TRAIN STATION TO THE ACCOMMODATION There is no better way than arriving in Venice after a journey and find someone who takes care of you!

When you arrive in Venice by train, it might not be so easy to make your way to your accommodation, water taxis are busy and the publi means of transports are extremely crowded.

With our Private transfer you will avoid all this stress.

When you will get off the train, an English speaking representative will be waiting for you at the beginning of the platform, holding a sign with your name written on it. The representative will lead you to the private luxury water taxi that will be there for you. During the ride to your hotel the representative will answer your question about Venice and will explain a little bit about the city so that you will feel more confortable in this new place.

In fact you have to know that Venice is a very peculiar city, almost unique, here streets are canals and there are boats instead of cars and land buses. During the ride to your accommodation you will start to enjoy the beauty of Venice, the train station is on the Grand Canal, which is the main canal of Venice so you will immediately find good subjects for your pictures and of course our representative will be glad to take shots of you!

The private water taxi will lead you directly to your hotel door, because most of the buildings in Venice have two way to enter, one from the walkable street and another one overlooking the canal. If your hotel has an entrance directly from the canal it will be very easy because the water taxi will dock there and you and your luggage will pass from the boat to the hotel. But if your hotel has no entrance from the canal, it is going to be very easy anyway because the English speaking representative will lead you easily to your accommodation.

Usually there are not big distances from the water taxi dock to the hotels, but our representative will lead you to the fastest and easiest way, avoiding, when possible, to cross bridges.

Once at your hotel the English speaking representative will help you with the check-in procedures and will make sure everything is fine in order to let you start your holiday in the best possible way.


Posted on January 25th, 2020