Venice Exclusive


VIP TRANSFER FROM THE MARCO POLO AIRPORT TO THE ACCOMMODATION Our Vip private transfer is the perfect way to start your holiday in Venice!

When you land in Venice, you collect your luggage and right after the custom area you will be met by one of our English speaking drivers. The driver will hold a sign with your name on it so it will be very easy to find each other and then you go, because the transfer is private so you don't have to wait for anyone else.

The driver will lead you to a private car or minivan, according to the number of your party, and then you will be drivent o the airport dock. The ride is short, only 4/5 minutes, but it is much easier to get on a car rather than walk about 10/15 minutes to the dock carrying your luggage, especially if you are tired after a long flight.

When you arrive at the airport dock, a private luxury water taxi will be there for you, to drive you directly to your hotel.

Once loaded your luggage on the boat, all you have to do is get on board of the water taxi, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Marco Polo airport is on the mainland, not on the island of Venice, so leaving the airport dock by boat means also leave cars and traffic behind, because in Venice there are no cars or wheeled means of transport, but just boats and streets for walking. During the ride to Venice you'll navigate the only canal connecting the airport to Venice, the canal is marked by wooden poles called “bricole” and they are very important for the navigation because the general level of the water in the lagoon is pretty shallow. Along the ride you'll pass by the famous island of Murano, known all over the world for the production of artistic glass. This island is close to Venice but there are no bridges connecting it to the city, so the only way to go there is by boat.

Right after the island of Murano on your way to the hotel you'll see the island of Saint Michael, isola di San Michele, which is the cemetery of Venice. Passed that island you eventually see Venice in front of you, magnificent and unique.

Speed limits in Venice are very strict, so the boat driver will slowly navigate the Venetian canals in order to reach your hotel. Most of the hotels have two entrances, one from the street and another one from the canal. If you hotel has an entrance from the canal, the boat will go there, so from the boat you enter directly the hotel. If your hotel has no water entrance, this is not a problem, because the driver will go the closest dock and then you'll walk to your hotel (usually the walk is not longer than 1 to 3 minutes).

If you want to make your way from the airport to the hotel even smoother, we suggest you to add also the English speaking assistant to your transfer. The representative will wait for you at the airport and will stay with you all the way to your hotel, helping also with check-in procedures.

During the ride the representative will tell about Venice, giving info and suggestions about restaurants, places to go and what to see and do in Venice.

An English speaking representative is very useful especially if your accommodation has no entrance directly from the canal, because she/he will lead you directly there so you don't have to make the way on your own in the labyrinth of streets of Venice.

We offer other options to customize your transfer in Venice.

For instance you can choose an extra luxury car, like the Class S Mercedes instead of the luxury Class E Mercedes, to start your transfer even more in style.

Or you can make your experience during the transfer even more unique, by adding a bottle of Prosecco wine, that you can drink during the ride on the water taxi or you can also choose a panoramic ride to reach your hotel. During the panoramic way you will enjoy the navigation along part of the Grand Canal and some typical small canals, the ones that you usually see in pictures.


Posted on January 21st, 2020