Venice Exclusive


VIP TRANSFER FROM THE CRUISE TERMINAL TO THE ACCOMMODATION It is a marvellous experience to reach Venice on a cruise. The ship enters the lagoon passing the main connection to the Adriatic Sea, then it passes by the island of the Lido, the Eastern part of Venice, up to the Saint Mark's Basin, which is the heart of the city. From the docks of the ship you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views over Venice and Saint Mark's Square. Then the ship navigates through the Giudecca Canal up to the main Cruise Terminal of Venice. Most of the times there are at least five to six ships docked at the cruise terminal at the same time, this means that once you desembark the ship and collect your luggage, it might be very difficult to find your way to your accommodation beacuse there are thousands of passengers in the same place at the same time.

Usually passengers can wait for a private water taxi at least 30 to 45 minutes or they could stay in line for a public mean of transport at least half an hour.

With our private transfer you won't lose time looking for a mean of transport to reach your accommodation, everything will be very smooth and easy and you will enjoy your time in Venice rather than at the cruise terminal.

You will desembark the ship and once collected your luggage, outside the terminal you will find one of our representative waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it.

The representative will drive you to the closest dock where a private water taxi will be there for you to go to your accommodation.

Why this solution? First of all once you meet the representative you will have the chance to load your luggage on a car/minivan so you won't have to walk carrying all your suitcases up to the dock (which could be also 20 minutes walking away). Then driving you just outside the cruise terminal area will make you leave behind thousands of people and avoid to wait for a water taxi or a dock available for more than half an hour.

We want you to reach your accommodation easily and quickly because we think that you have to spend your time discovering the city rather than waste your time trying to make your way through the crowd.

So you will meet the driver, go by car/minivan to a dock which is about 3 minutes driving away and the you will go by private water taxi directly to your accommodation.


Posted on January 27th, 2020