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Venice: Grand Canal Tour

Venice: Grand Canal Tour One of the most beautiful things that you can see in Venice is the famous Grand Canal.

It is the main waterway of the city, it runs in the middle of Venice and it begins in Piazzale Roma and ends in the Saint Mark's Basin, which is the center of the city and the lagoon, right in front of Saint Mark's Square.

Along the banks od the Grand Canal there are some of the most amazing palaces and churches of the city. Many palaces are still residential properties, while others have been turned into hotels or museums or offices.

Our tour starts directly at your hotel, or wherever you prefer as it is customized on your requirements. You will meet an English speaking local guide and you will board the private luxury water taxi to start the tour.

During the tour you will confortably sit on the water taxi sofas or you will stand to take pictures, while the English speaking guide will explain about the history of Venice, the art and the culture of the city and she will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

While navigating along the Grand Canal you will see the Francois Pinault Foundation, the famous Salute Church, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and these are just few of all the buildings you will admire. Then once reached the middle of the Grand Canal you will pass under the world famous Rialto Bridge, while gondolas will pass next to you.

In the final part of the Grand Canal you will see the Santa Lucia Train Station and the newest bridge that was built in Venice, the fourth bridge on the Grand Canal, which was made by the very famous architect Santiago Calatrava.

The second part of the tour will give you the chance to see some of the most typical minor canals of Venice. You will navigate these minor canals where public means of transport don't pass and that usually are so quiet and so characteristic.

According to the location of your hotel we could also navigate along the Giudecca Canal, which is the widest and deepest canal of the city of Venice and it is the second most important one.

On this Canal there are some important buidings overlooking it, such as the Molino Stucky which was the flour mille of Venice and today it is a Hilton 5 star luxury hotel, then the Redeemer Church and the Cipriani Hotel.


Posted on January 28th, 2020