Venice Exclusive


VENICE GRAND CANAL AND MURANO TOUR This is one of the best tours the youc an enjoy in Venice.

It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of the highlights that the city can offer, the discovery of the Grand Canal and the island of Murano, to visit one of the main glass factories, all this while relaxing on board of our private luxury water taxi.

The tour will start at your hotel, where an English speaking local guide will meet you to start the tour on board of the private luxury water taxi.

You will navigate along the Grand Canal, which is the most important Canal of Venice, during the ride you will admire the beauty of the palaces overlooking th waters of the Grand Canal, while the guide will explain about their history. You will also admire the famous Rialto Bridge, which is the highest and oldest bridge crossing the Grand Canal and it is located right in the middle of it.

At the end of the ride along the Grand Canal the journey will continue towards the northern part of the Venice lagoon, where the island of Murano is located. The water taxi will take you directly to the private dock of one of the most important galss factories and there you will desembark to enter the factory and see a demonstration about the production of glass.

You will sit on confortable armchairs while a representative of the galss factory will explain about the production of glass, the techniques and the materials that they use. You will see a glass master working and producing objects like vases and glasses and artworks, still using the same techniques that they have been using for centuries, all this right in front of your eyes.

At the end of the demonstration, that lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, you could also enjoy the show room of the glass factory, where you will find the most beautiful glass artworks made by the most famous glass masters of Murano. Some of the pieces are extremely rare because the glass masters passed away and so it is impossible to find or produce more. Every glass master is an artist and of course they have theirs own unique style. The English speaking guide and the water taxi are always at your disposal during the visit at the glass gactory, and at the end of the visit they will take you back to your hotel.


Posted on January 31st, 2020