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Venice: THE ISLAND OF MURANO The island of Murano is one of the most famous places, not only in Venice but all over the world.

The importance of this island started in 1295, when the doge of Venice decided to close all the glass factories that where in the center of Venice, in order to avoid the danger of fires in the city.

As the glass masters needed, and still need, fire in order to produce the glass, the doge had to choose a place that was away enough to save Venice from fires, but also close enough to reach it easily. That's why he chose the island of Murano. All the glass factories and the glass production were moved to Murano and since then its importance grew quickly till our days.

The art of the glass production brought a lot of money to the Republic of Venice and the doge gave to the people living on the island a lot of privileges.

They could coin their own money, had different laws, but the most important privilege was that the daughter of a glass master could marry a Venetian noble man, even if she had no noble origins.

The only obligation that the glass masters had was this: they had to spend their whole lives on the island of Murano, without leaving it, because they had to keep the secret about the techniques they used to produce the glass. It was only centuries later that the things started to change, when a glass master fled away and went to Versailles in France, and made the most beautiful mirrors.

Nowadays the production of glass is no longer a secret and we can visit a glass factory and see a demonstration about the production of glass with no problems.

Becoming a glass master is very hard, there are no schools where you can learn, if you want to become a glass mastre you have to go to a factory and try and work, and if you are talented, after 20 years you become a glass Master.

Glass artworks are amazing, with our tours you can visit the show-room of one of the most important glass factories in Murano, and see the incredible things that the glass masters can create.

There are many different techniques to produce the glass and every glass master has his own style.

You will see sculptures, chandeliers, vases, glasses and anything you can imagine.

Whwn you will visit the show-room you will be amazed by the beauty of the artworks and the colors, the details and the uniqueness of each piece.


Posted on February 12th, 2020