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Venice: MURANO, BURANO AND TORCELLO ISLAND TOUR The islands tour is an extremely nice experience to do in Venice. The tour will be on board of a private luxury water taxi and with an English speaking local guide that will tell you about the places that you are going to visit, so that you will get the best out of this experience.

From your hotel, or from the place that you choose, you will navigate towards the north side of the Venice lagoon, where the three most famous islands are.

The first part will be a visit to the island of Murano, famous all over the world for the production of glass. Here you will visit a glass factory to see a demonstration of how the glass is blown and produced. The glass master will shape artworks and objects right in front of your eyes, while a representative of the galss factory will explain about the materials and the techniques used.

At the end of the demonstration you will have the chance to visit the show room of the factory, that houses the most beautiful glass artworks but also objects like glasses, vases, plates and so on.

After the visit to Murano, we will move to the island of Burano, a little pearl in the lagoon of Venice, with the typical colored houses and the production of lace, one of the main activity of the island along with the fishing.

Burano is a tiny island, with about 2,000 inhabitants, but it still has a strong culture and very proud about their roots and traditions.

The third and last island that we will visit during the tour is the island of Torcello. This is the place where it all started, in fact the first inhabitans moving from the mainland to the lagoon first established here. One of the peculiarities of the island is that there are only 13 people living there. Walking around it you can breath a timeless air, with an atmosphere that reminds us to centuries ago. On the island of Torcello there are some of the best restaurants of the lagoon such as the famous Locanda Cipriani, where the famous writer Ernest Hemingway and many more used to go. But the most important building of Torcello is the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, which is the oldest building of the whole lagoon, being more that 1,000 years old.

During this tour you can choose to have lunch in Murano, Burano or Torcello, our English speaking guide will suggest you the best choise.

At the end of the visit of Torcello the private water taxi will take you back to your hotel.


Posted on February 5th, 2020