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Venice Exclusive is company that offers high quality services in Venice, such as private tours, private transfers and boats at disposal. All our boats are luxury water taxis and our English speaking guides are all certified.. We have more than 20 years of experience in tourism and have selected each one of the tours and transfers that we propose, always offering the best boats and guides.

We want our clients to live an experience rather than take part on a tour.

Our transfers and tours are all private and studied to offer the best solution, so that you can travel in the most exclusive way.

We have worked for privates, Vips, big companies and we are proud to offer our know-how to the people who visit Venice for the first time and to the ones who love the city and want to visit it again.

Choosing Venice Exclusive means live the city of Venice in the best possible way, from the private transfer by water taxi to the elegant itineraries of our tours.

Venice Exclusive offers full assistance to our clients and our tours can be customized according to your needs, in order to let you live the best experience ever.

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